Mingyur Rinpoche: In Love With the World; Dying Everyday
Lecture: "Carrying a Basket of Gold," A Historical Reflection on Buddhist Concepts and Ethics in Bhutan with Dagmar Schwerk
Lecture: Khenpo Chöying Dorjee on Emptiness: "How to Milk a Painted Cow"
Lecture: Ambedkar's Idea of Religion, with Dr. Valerian Rodrigues
Monasteries as Home: Facing Challenges of Modernization in Tibetan Monastic Education and Leadership
Lecture: Rongdao Lai on Education Modernization in Chinese Buddhism
Monastic education is one of the most important projects in the modernization of Chinese Buddhism. This talk begins by exploring several paradigm shifts associated with Buddhist educational modernization that began in the 1920s, a period of fervent growth and significant changes. I argue that the reimagining of a national Buddhist community and reinterpretation of orthodoxy produced a distinctly Buddhist citizenship discourse, which became the basis for Buddhist engagement with the nation-state
Event: The Dimensions of Silence in Buddhism with Susan Gillis Chapman



Supported by The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation, our mandate is to foster understanding of modern and contemporary Buddhist forms, and how they are involved in spiritual, social, economic, and political life around the world.

The Program sponsors teaching about Buddhism at UBC, brings in a variety of speakers as part of The Tung Lin Kok Yuen Canada Foundation distinguished speaker series, and hosts an annual conference. As part of its community outreach, the program connects with local Buddhist communities, sharing information and hosting an event blog for the Vancouver and Lower Mainland areas.