Hybrid Talk: Dissing Thay: Socially Engaged Buddhism and the Problem of Nonviolence
Video and Q&A - Precarity: Living and Dying in Himalayan Buddhism
Co-Sponsored Talk: Epistemic Ideals and Moral Transformation
Video and Q&A: The Radical Other Power of Shinran (1173-1263)
Guest Lecture with Professor Karma Lekshe Tsomo: Precarity: Living and Dying in Himalayan Buddhist Cultures
Guest Lecture with Professor Clark Chilson: Incentives to Secularize Buddhism
Virtual Symposium: The Radical Other Power of Shinran (1173-1263)


Supported by The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation, our mandate is to foster understanding of modern and contemporary Buddhist forms, and how they are involved in spiritual, social, economic, and political life around the world.

The Program sponsors teaching about Buddhism at UBC, brings in a variety of speakers as part of The Tung Lin Kok Yuen Canada Foundation distinguished speaker series, and hosts an annual symposium with a keynote as well as a bi-annual academic conference. As part of its community outreach, the program connects with local Buddhist communities, sharing information and hosting an event blog for the Vancouver and Lower Mainland areas.

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