Undergraduate and Graduate Offerings

The Tung Lin Kok Yuen Canada Society endowment funds the teaching of several courses at UBC. To see all posts related to these courses:

There are several courses offered at UBC that cover Buddhism as well as other Asian religions, including their contemporary forms. Here is a list of relevant courses that cover Buddhism. To investigate new courses and which courses are offered in a given year, please check the UBC calendar.


  • ASIA 250     Introduction to Buddhism
  • ASIA 371     Foundations of Chinese Thought
  • ASIA 377     History of Korean Thought
  • ASIA 378     Philosophical Wisdom of Early India
  • ASIA 382     Buddhism in China
  • ASIA 383     Common Religious Traditions in China
  • ASIA 387     Japanese Religions
  • ASIA 388     Buddhist, Brahamanical and Jain Philosophers in Interaction
  • ASIA 398     Classical Hindu, Buddhist and Jain Myths in Translation
  • ASIA 450     Special Topics in Buddhist Studies
  • ASIA 485     Inventing Asian Religions in the West/East Encounter


  • ASIA 510     Monastic Hagio-Biographical Writings in Medieval East Asia
  • ASIA 511     Buddhist and Taoist texts in Chinese
  • ASIA 525     Topics in the Social History of Japanese Religions
  • IAR 515B     Buddhism and Contemporary Society
  • IAR 515P     Religion and Public Policy
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