Lecture: Rongdao Lai on Education Modernization in Chinese Buddhism

Monastic education is one of the most important projects in the modernization of Chinese Buddhism. This talk begins by exploring several paradigm shifts associated with Buddhist educational modernization that began in the 1920s, a period of fervent growth and significant changes. I argue that the reimagining of a national Buddhist community and reinterpretation of orthodoxy produced a distinctly Buddhist citizenship discourse, which became the basis for Buddhist engagement with the nation-state in terms of property rights, political participation, and wartime activism. These changes proved to be essential in inspiring and shaping the discourse and conceptualization of education within the tradition. The second part of the talk offers some observations and reflections on the current state of Buddhist education in mainland China and Taiwan.

Lecture: Rongdao Lai on Education Modernization in Chinese Buddhism2019-02-23T00:21:39+00:00

UBC Himalaya Program Winter 2018 Course Offerings

Interested in learning more about the Himalayan region? Take a look at these Himalaya-focused courses offered at UBC in Winter Term 2018/19! Choose from a selection of undergraduate and graduate-level courses with content relevant to the Himalayan region, taught by [...]

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