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Buddhism and Youth: A Symposium

University of British Columbia • November 4, 2017

There are Buddhist monastic rules, stories, and teachings that directly address those of lesser years and the issues that are thought to be unique to their stage of life. And Buddhist individuals and groups have created literature, activities, and organizations for boys, girls, and young people in general. Although young people have appeared throughout Buddhist history, Buddhists have engaged most intensively with the category of youth and young people during the modern and contemporary periods. This symposium is a chance to explore this theme and learn together.

Participants: Susie Andrews, Mount Allison University; Kimberley Beek, McMaster University; Casey Collins, University of British Columbia; Melissa Curley, Ohio State University; Natasha Heller, University of Virginia; Raymond Lam, Buddhistdoor Global; Jessica Main, University of British Columbia; Vanessa Sasson, Marianopolis College; Justin Stein, University of Toronto; Joanne Yuasa, Vancouver Buddhist Temple.