Converting Markets through Merit: Perspectives for Fostering a New Entrepreneurial Culture with Chan Buddhist Principles

陶朱道妙,臻於功德 :禪道對新型企業⽂化建設的前景

Date: 7pm Saturday June 17, 2017

Location: Jack Poole Hall, Alumni Centre, UBC

Speaker: Venerable Dayuan

Abbot of the Sixth Patriarch Temple in Sihui, Guangdong, China | 中國廣東四會六祖寺⽅丈
Vice President of the Buddhist Association of Guangdong Province | 廣東省佛教協會副會⾧
Founder and Chief Mentor of the Tianzhu Charitable Foundation | 天柱慈善基⾦會創始⼈兼總導師

Sponsors: UBC Buddhist Studies Forum | UBC佛學論壇

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) | 加拿⼤社會科學與⼈⽂科學研究委員會

Buddhism and economics is emerging as a significant field of scholarly inquiry. Having long ago abandoned the vision of Buddhist practitioners as recluses seeking individual soteriological ends at a remove from the “ordinary” world, students of history, philosophers, and specialists in the subdiscipline of Buddhist economics itself are helping us to understand the religion’s pervasive and continuing importance in this sphere. Aware of the multiplicity of forms Buddhist practice and belief have taken over time, historical and anthropological investigations of Buddhism have, for instance, shed much light on its active economic activities during different time periods and in different societies. In his talk, Ven.  Dayuan, by applying Chan insights to economics and entrepreneurism, will propose alternative economic models to address major challenges facing our contemporary world. 

縱觀古今,寺院和僧團⼀直是其所在社會的 重要經濟⼒量:透過以慈悲和功德為基礎的 淨財募施、慈善事業以及商業經營等途徑, 佛教影響⼒得以深⼊社會各個⽅⾯,為其持 續發展奠定了基礎。在這場別開⽣⾯的演講 中,廣東六祖寺⽅丈上⼤下願⼤禪師通過⽣ 動地援禪⼊商,將提供⾮傳統的經濟範式,以期解決當世所⾯臨的主要挑戰。

This event is open to the public. Please RSVP by June 14 to to secure your seat. The talk will be in Chinese with translation to English.