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Study with the UBC Himalaya Program in the upcoming 2016-2017 Academic Year. Choose from a selection of exciting, interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate level courses with content related to the Himalayan region. Feed your curiosity about Bhutan, China, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and the Tibetan cultural zones that traverse all of these countries by taking one or more of these courses!

Asian Architecture: Sacred and Urban Spaces
ARTH 253

Select built forms in Asia, such as temples, tombs, palaces, cities and gardens, and their relations to cultural, social and political systems.
Instructor: Katherine Hacker

Ethnography of South Asia
ANTH 302

A specialized study of ethnographic and theoretical problems relating to South Asia.
Instructor: Sara Shneiderman

Nepal and Tibet: Art, Ritual and Performance
ARTH 353

Art of the Himalayan region situated within social and religious practices, festivals, and performances.
Instructor: Katherine Hacker

Kathmandu in Ruins
ARTH 455
Heritage sites, settlements and reconstruction in post-earthquake Nepal.
Instructor: Katherine Hacker

Religion and Society
ANTH 415A / 505A

Comparative study of religious beliefs, practices, and movements; relations between religious, social, and political institutions; religion as a force for stability and change; anthropological/sociological theories of religion.
Instructor: Sara Shneiderman

Philosophical and Ethical Foundations for Public Policy
GPP 508

Inter-cultural communication skills, entrepreneurship, and effective community engagement in policy work.
Instructor: Tsering Shakya

Development Discourses and Practices
GPP 522

What is development? How can the micro and macro aspects of engineering progress be balanced to yield the best possible results? This course draws upon critical social science literatures, as well as writings by development practitioners, to address key questions of development theory and practice. It offers an overview of the rise of development thought, and an assessment of the outcomes of development for countries and communities across the world under different regimes, from authoritarian states to plural democracies in political transitions and into and out of communism and socialism.
Instructor: Sara Shneiderman

Studies in South and Southeast Asian Art
Instructor: Katherine Hacker

Nationalism, Religion, and Ethnic Conflict in Asia
GPP 565
Ethnic and religious conflict in Asia related to historical and dialectic development of different forms of nationalism; the confluence between religion, ethnicity, and nationalist ideologies in the escalation of conflicts in different Asian societies.
Instructor: Tsering Shakya

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